Problem Button RFID

Problem Button RFID

Hi, I have a problem:

I have developed an application with the MCA
And I want associate the RFID button of the device to one of my application

I do not want it to appear the window's default device when we give the RFID button.

Thank you.

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Hi mgalan,

To have the MCA software perform a function other than the default action, you will have to make calls to the MCA API directly from your application. There is not a way to change the MCA default actions otherwise.


Sorry, but I do not understand that the sense of having a reading rfid tag, which I can do nothing.

I need to be able to interact with the code rfid,but for serving this button.

There must be a way to capture the code.

Thank you.

Hi mgalan,

Here is the specifics from the MCA Developers Guide regarding the RFID and default actions:

6.2 Default Button Actions
Default actions provide basic functionality for their corresponding peripherals, without requiring additional application development. This basic functionality allows for a smooth transition path to the platform, while still receiving some benefits from the peripherals on the tablet.

Important: Basic behaviors for Default actions are pre-defined and cannot be changed. These basic behaviors have modifiers accessible through the MCA SDK configuration file to provide some customization. However, be advised that default behaviors are at an OEM MCA product level and CANNOT be customized at an application level. This fact means that if two applications are present on an OEM MCA product, they must share a common configuration for each default behavior.

The Default actions listed below are not all encompassing, but list the significant buttons actions for release 1.11 of the MCA SDK.

6.2.2 RFID Default Actions

What is provided by a Default action:
Ability to scan ISO 15693 tag(s) in the field and display a window showing both the Id and
data (ASCII and Hex) portions of the tags.
Ability to copy data portions from the window to the clipboard and use in applications.
Ability to set the following attributes. (These default actions can be controlled in the MCA SDK
configuration file. See Section 9.2.5 Default Handler Configuration for details on how to set
these attributes.)
- Data read range, end-of-data marker, whether or not the end-of-data is displayed.
- Filter by protocol (currently only ISO 15693 tags supported).

What is not provided by a Default action:
Using the MCA configuration file to customize the data.
Injecting tag UID or tag data into the keyboard buffer.
Writing to tags.
Copying and pasting the UID portion of the tag.
Changing the scan parameters and filters on a per-application basis.
Using different actions for different applications.

So the bottom line is that in order to do something outside of the default actions, you have to progam to the API interface for your particular application and customization request. See the MCA Developers Guide for more details on the API usage. The MCA Developers Guide is available here:

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