EntryPointNotFoundException running examples on Motion

EntryPointNotFoundException running examples on Motion

I'm try to using barcode reader examples included in sdk.

On my development machine i am able to run examples correctly. But when i try to run them on a motion machine with framework 2.0 and motion platform installed, i get an exception while loading main form: EntryPointNotFoundException.

Where is the problem? Thanks

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Hi Desmored,

Can you send us the MCA event log showing the failure?

Here are the steps:

1. In the MCA configuration file (C:Program FilesIntelMCABinIntelHealthcare.cfg), set the logging level to debug:

/Intel/HealthcareSDK/Logging/DefaultLevel = DEBUG

2. Delete the existing log file (c: empMCA.log) so we only capture relevant information of the failure.

3. Reload the MCA service by selecting the "Update Configuration" option from the MCA tool tray icon (right-click on it).

4. Perform the steps necessary to duplicate the issue.

5. Save the MCA.log file and send it to me to look at.



Hi Steve,

I found the issue: the exception was in a call to a function HC_GetLibraryVersion.

The issue was that on my dev machine a installed sdk 1.1, but on the Motion C5 the only platform available is the 1.0.
So i downloaded the sdk 1.0 from Intel site and all has gone right.

You should alert users when they download sdk 1.1.


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