Problem with IntelHealthCareSDK.dll

Problem with IntelHealthCareSDK.dll

Hello, my problem is:

Unable to load DLL 'IntelHealthcareSDK.dll': 'The specified module could not be found.(Exception from HRESULT: 0x8007007E)

Occurs when I start my application.

Thank you.

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The IntelHealthcareSDK.dll is located in the C:Program FilesIntelMCABin directory by default. If the file is missing or corrupted, the best thing to do would be to uninstall the MCA SDK, reboot your PC, and then reinstall the MCA SDK software again.

My problem is not on my pc development, my problem is in the pc that I run my application.

The project in visual studio 2005 (c#)not let me attach this .dll.

I copied this dll file onmy computer, but my application can not find it.

You must install the complete MCA SDK software package on the PC,not just copythe DLL.

The only time that is not the case is if you are using one of the OEM hardware platforms like the Motion C5 tablet which already has the MCA platform driver installed.

My problems occur with a Motion C5.

The MCA SDK available on the Intel web site should not be installed on the Motion C5. The Motion C5 uses a custom version of the MCA software called the MCA platform driver. Installing the MCA SDK from the Intel web site onto the C5 while it already has the MCA platform driver installed will cause problems.

I would recommend you uninstall all the MCA software from the Motion C5 you have, including any files you manually copied over. Then reboot and reinstall the correct MCA software for the Motion C5.

Motion has the MCA platform driver for the C5 available to download on their web site. Look for the file called "Medical Clinical Assistant Software" at the URL below.

Good Morning,

I have two questions???

- I can not run the example that comes on MCA in the Motion C5 ( problem with IntelHealthCareSDK.dll).

- Can I remove the tag default in the example RFIDDemo???

Thank you.

Hi mglan,

I think there is still some confusion. The Motion C5 ships with a specific version of the MCA platform driver. It does not include sample programs like the RFIDDEMO.EXE program included with the MCA SDK.

The MCA SDK is meant to be installed on a development workstation, not on the Motion C5 tablet. The RFIDDEMO.EXE program will run correctly on a development workstation where it emulates an RFID reader by using a loopback. RFIDDEMO.EXE is not intended to be ran on the Motion C5 because it the C5 has a real RFID reader built in.

When using the MCA SDK on a development workstation, you can change the loopback values the RFID reports. This can be done in the INTELHEALTHCAFE.CFG file - look for the RFID loopback plug-in information section. But keep in mind it will only operate in loopback mode.

Please uninstall the MCA SDK from the Motion C5 as instructed previously, and then reinstall the MCA platform driver that is available on the Motion web site. If you want access to the program demos and sample codes in the MCA SDK, please install the MCA SDK on a seperate development PC, not the Motion C5. Once you do this your problems will be resolved.



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