Barcode Scanner Speed

Barcode Scanner Speed

I am looking for a way to increase the readabilty speed of the barcode scanner. The barcode scanner does not pickup barcode very well often forcing user to scan barcode multiple times. Idealy I would like the barcode scanner to work just like a scanner you would find on a batch scanner or symbol pda. you point it scans imediatly. During testing of the motion C5 I find myself moving the barcode all around to get a scan. The Intermec EV15 has the hardware capabilities to perform as a robust scanning device, however it does not perform in this fasion on the C5.

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The hardware is basically the same, so it is a matter of matching the software configuration to what you need and are using in your environment. By default, the barcode scanner is setup to be as compatible as possible with a number of possible uses. You can trim this down to meet your requirements. There are two places to look at it.

The first place to check is the MCA configuration file which by default is located at C:Program FilesIntelMCABinIntelHealthcare.cfg. Scan down through the configuration file until you see the barcode section. You will notice there are several configuration options and barcode types supported. Compare this with your other environment and adjust as necessary. For example, you may find the amount of barcodes you need to support is far less than is enabled by default in the MCA configuration file

The second place to look at is the Intermec configuration on the Motion C5 using the Intermec EasySet utility. The setup program for this utility islocated at C:WindowsMotionIntermec_EasySetsetup.exe by default on the Motion C5. In EasySet you will see a multitude of configuration options for the barcode scanner hardware. This task here again will be to compare the default configuration set on the Motion C5 for the barcode scanner to your other environment and match it up as required.

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