RFID reader input

RFID reader input

We have an existing clinical application which we're looking to be able to add RFID reader support to via the C5 from Motion. Can anyone tell me if there's a way to configure the RFID reader to act as a keyboard wedge interface? We're trying desparately to avoid using the API simply due to time constraints.

I did read in another thread that it's possible to take the default data which pops up and copy/paste to an application - any way to do this programatically rather than manually?

I have a feeling I already know the answers to these questions but just figured I'd ask.

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See info below from the from the MCA Developers Guide:


Some developers currently use keyboard emulation to read barcode values. Keyboard emulation provides barcode values to the foreground application as keystrokes, sometimes referred to as a keyboard buffer. Most barcode manufacturers allow access via either keyboard buffer or their API, but most dont provide both simultaneously.

The MCA SDK supports simultaneous keyboard emulation and API access by providing the ToolTray application, which allows the developer to use either option: this provides developers with the flexibility to do a phased migration from keyboard emulation to API. Keyboard emulation is the default behavior for a barcode read (See Section 6.2 for more information on default button actions.) Button Applications that are coded to take advantage of the MCA SDK API may override this with their own specialized behavior.


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