Cannot see RFID reader

Cannot see RFID reader

I've just downloaded Intel Mobile Platform SDK and MCA but i cannot see my FEIG RFID Reader connected at the USB Port.
When i make

RfidReaderClass myClass = new RfidReaderClass();
RfidReaderCollection myCollection= (RfidReaderCollection)myClass.GetInstances();

if (!myCollection.HasNext())
textBox1.Text = "NO INSTANCE";
I always get "NO INSTANCE".

How can i insert connection parameters (speed, com port, etc,.)?
Thanks in advance and greetings,

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Hi Marco,

The Intel MCA SDK only runs in loopback mode. You will not be able to test actual peripherals with the SDK.

The Intel MCA SDK was intentionally designed so that the loopback plug-ins (used for testing) and the actual peripheral plug-ins (installed on the OEMs MCA product) would interact with the core in exactly the same way. This makes it possible for application developers to code their application on their development workstation and have it run exactly the way they designed it when it is finally loaded onto an OEMs MCA product. Consequently, if an application has been tested and compiled against the MCA SDK, there is no need to do additional code work when the application developer is ready to port the application to the final product.


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