Can the SDK deal with Chinese Charactars?

Can the SDK deal with Chinese Charactars?

Dear all,

I haveread the SDK document and found that thd SDK only support the windows XP of English /French. If I want to develop the applications under the chinese version winodws xp, is there any question?


Martin Xu

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Hi Martin,

We are in the planning stages now of adding additional language support for Asia, so your input would be appreciated. I have a couple of questions for you:

1. Could you be specific about which language you would like the MCA SDK to support?

2. Is full language translation required, or is it acceptable to have the MCA SDK validated on Windows XP or Windows Vista running the language version, but the MCA SDK configuration and help files would remain in English?



We have tested the SDK on both Chinese simplified and Chinese Traditional. You can develop on either of these two language packs (eg, your solution will run w/out any problem). However, all text / messages will be in english.

We have a release planned for the end of the year where we will be producing messages and text in Chinese Simplified / Traditional.

As this is an SDK, the amount of GUI that will be localized is very minimal.

Hi Steve,

Thanks to your reply and I am very glad to know that you have such a plan to support Asia language.

For your two questions:

First, because all of customer of our company are located in the China Mainland, so what I concerned is the support of simple Chinese Language.

And secend, I think that the main point is the SDK and MCA libarry should support the development for Chinese language users. So if the help files or config file use English, there are no problems. But all the GUI /Messsage text which may be show to the end users should in native languae model.

Thanks very much.


Hi Miller,

Do you mean that the SDK and MCA hardware(inclued the OS version) available now which are already to support the 2bytes characters language?

And when will you release the simple Chinese version SDK for MCA?



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