Do barcode settings get overridden by the MCA API?

Do barcode settings get overridden by the MCA API?

I am using a Motion C5 which has the Intermec barcode reader. You can configure the Intermec barcode reader setting on the Motion C5 using the Intermec EasySet software utility. Can you tell me if the EasySet settings are overridden by the barcode setting in the MCA configuration file when a software call is made for the barcode reader from the MCA API? Or, do the EasySet settings apply both when using the default barcode scan method on the Motion C5 and when making a call from the MCA API?

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The Intermec EasySet barcode configuration settings are not overridden by the MCA API. For example, if you have disabled a barcode type in EasySet and you try to scan that barcode, nothing will be scanned even if it is enabled in the MCA configuration file. Thus, the ability for the MCA API to perform barcode operations is limited by the configuration of the Intermec barcode reader.

However, the MCA config file does have a configuration setting where all the barcode scanner settings can be restored to factory default. If "InititalizeOnConnect" is enabled or set to "1" in the MCA config file, the barcode configuration will be restored to factory default which will override any previous limitations configured in EasySet.

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