Barcode keyboard emulation on the Motion C5

Barcode keyboard emulation on the Motion C5


I have developed an application to interpret barcode scans which uses the keyboard emulation default function of the barcode reader. However, when it came to trying it on a Motion C5 - by default it seems to add a 3 digit prefix to the text in the barcode depending on the symbology. I can deal with this in my application, but it isn't the behaviour I would want when using the barcode scanner just to input some data, e.g. into excel.

Does anyone know if there is a way to stop it doing this in the config file or by any other means?


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Hey Tom -

While the API provides a lot more support in a variety of areas - the primary reason we try to discourage default behavior is because all applications must share all the configurations for default. So in the example above where you do not want the symbology identifier, there may be another company who does and you both can't have what you want.

You can avoid collisions with other applications by calling the API directly.

I'm curious why you want to use the default behavior instead of calling the API? Is the API difficult to use?


Thanks for your responses, i guessed there would be a value in the config file somewhere but just couldn't find it. I understand however that changing the default value might result in other applications not behaving correctly. The reason I didn't use the API is I wanted to retain the default behaviour of keyboard emulation as well as reading barcodes. This is so the user can scan barcodes outside of my application, and also within my application (if they are not barcodes of a specified format) and just have the text appear. Then when they scan a barcode that needs to trigger some behaviour, it can do that too.

The other reason is I wanted this to work on desktop PCs and other tablets/laptops using a USB barcode scanner. So the solution needed to be more general, and intercepting the emulated keystrokes seemed to be the easiest way to do this. As for the API, I used it for interfacing with the camera and found it very easy to use, and in this case it does everything I need perfectly.

Thanks again for your help,

Tom - thanks for your feedback. Just so you know, default behavior is by it's nature, the behavior that will happen when the user runs barcode outside of your application. Default behavior will trigger whenever a call-back is not present.

As for creating a single application that will span both PCs with connected USB barcode devices as well as MCA, this is definately a concern we understand. We've really tried hard not to burden application developers with tons of code using our API's, obfiscating a lot of functionality in higher level calls. We believe the end-user experience can be greatly improved by the additional data available through APIs. This includes but is not limited to barcode type, dense symbologies, better error messages for bad reads, etc.

Out of curiosity, do you support any connected USB barcode scanner or do you have an approved list that you support?

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