MCA SDK Remote Proxy for Citrix* Server

MCA SDK Remote Proxy for Citrix* Server

The MCA SDK Remote Proxy for Citrix* Server is now available for download.

This package is installed on the Citrix server, and allows applications using the MCA SDK API to seamlessly run in a Citrix environment. All API calls made by an application running in Citrix from a MCA device or developer workstation (with the SDK installed) will behave exactly as they would if the application were run on the local device or workstation.

For more information please refer to section 2.5 of the MCA SDK 1.1 Developer's Guide.

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I wanted to follow up this announcement with a small explanation. In our initial release, we included instructions on how to install SDK components on a Citrix server to enable this functionality.

Installing the full SDK installed a number of components that were unecessary and we recieved feedback that the it was confusinghow to configure both the clients and the Citrix server when each had identical configuration files. "Where should I make my changes?" As with the SDK, the configuration file on the Citrix server had many items that did not pertain to configuring Citrix.

In this new installer, we've included only the components and configuration items absolutely necessary to configure and run Citrix. This will simplify installation and configuration of running the MCA SDK in a Citrix environment.

No changes were done to the actual run-times in the installer.

We are very interested in hearing from customers who are using Citrix and any feedback you have. Please tell us your stories!

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