RFID Reader ASP.NET control

RFID Reader ASP.NET control

I am writing an ASP.NET application to read RFID tags - using the Motion C5 tablet. Is there a aSP.NET control or an ActiveX control to read the RFID tags?

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For reading RFID tags, the MCA software supports C, C#, Java, COM VB, and COM Jscript. There are samples of each included in the MCA SDK and the COM and Java Language Packs. However, please note that the MCA SDK and the MCA LanguagePacks should not be installed directly onto the Motion C5. You should install them on a development PC only and then migrate what you need from the development PC to the Motion C5.

If you want to write a web-based application (which it sounds like you are), you'll want to usean ActiveX controls (and the COM language pack) and embed the capability into the webpage. This will ensure that it runs out on the tablet instead of the web server. It is likely that you'll want to sign your ActiveX control so that the browser doesn't bring up the "warning" everytime the page is loaded. There are some good examples (see other post).

The only other possibility is a Java Applet but it sounds like you are a MS shop.

Good Luck!

I am trying the java Applet - i loaded the page with the Applet - in FireFox. The applet loads - but after i click on Start Scan - nothing happens. (Note I changed the applet code in the example to read "RFID Device" instead of the loopback device).

I disabled the ToolTray tool from the C5.

I click on Start Scan and hold the tag close to the reader - but the applet does not seem to read the tag.

Is there something i am missing?

Yes - eventually i want to write the activeX control - for now i want to just see how the Applet works.

(Note i am the original poster of this message - changed my login id)

I found out what was missing. I had to copy the HealthCareSDK_JNI.dll to the Program filesIntelMCABin folder on the C5.

Hi kellysun,

Iam glad you got it working. It is a little tricky from a process standpoint to have to manually copy over the dll file, but we have documented it in the release notes inhopes of easing the pain. This manual process is only for the beta version of the Java Language Pack and we are currently planning to have it fully integrated with the production release to eliminate the manual copying step in the near future.



I want the read from the tag, to trigger a series of events in another application. Any advice the right direction to take? Also, what tags do you recommend?

The MCA SDK provides an easy access to RFID reader capabilities, but what actions you implement in your software application with the RFID data is completely up to you. The MCA SDK default behavior is to display a window showing both the Id and data (ASCII and Hex) portions of the RFID tags when an RFID tag is read. The data portions can be copied from the RFID display window to the clipboard and used in your application. Of course using the API instead of the default action you can be more specific with the RFID function.

The MCA SDK currently supports tag protocol ISO 15693. Protocols ISO 14443A/B, TagIt, and HF-EPC and others are not currently supported by the MCA SDK, but may be in the future if there is demand for it.


The big thing to remember with tags is to get tags that are ISO 15693 compliant. The rest is largely form factor and depends on your desired application. The tags come in the form of key fobs, wrist bands, labels, cards (like access badges) etc. They also have different restrictions on where you can punch them (as to avoid the antenna) etc. You'll also want to try a couple of different sizes as largerantenna sizemay provide greater range.

I just googled {rfid tags 15693} and looked on the right hand column (the sponsered links) and saw quite a number of vendors providing these tags. I pinged our testing group and found that they had a larger mix of tags with inlays from TI than from any other vendor.

Good Luck! and let us know how it goes.



Thanks! I'm not a developer, but I know enough to make trouble for the development community! So, based on what you described I should have no problem getting the data, dumping it to a table and then correlating that datawith one of my triggers in my other application correct? As far as tags, my application will be two things,rooms and people. I will keep all advised of our progress! Thanks!



Thanks for that good info! I will begin my tag selection process. Will keep you posted!


Hi all,

I want to write a program in ASP.net which will be an online application that will store the details in a database, of people who access the security room. This room will have an RFID reader (which will be attached to a PC) and authorised person will have RFID card to access that room.

I am totally confusebecause I dont know where to start this project.

Can anyone guide me with this problem



Hi Mav,

This is a usage model outside of what we support with the MCA SDK. I don't have anysuggestionsto offer you, but maybe one of the other developers participating the forum will have some advice.


i would go with the Java applet/firefox as well

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