How do I configure the MCA for custom UDSI barcodes?

How do I configure the MCA for custom UDSI barcodes?

I am usingsome specific user-defined symbology identifier (UDSI) barcodes in my application. How do I configure the MCA to work correctly with my UDSI barcodes?

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There is nothing specific that needs to be configured in the MCA service to support UDSI barcodes. However, the barcode reader may need to be configured on the hardware platform.

Here is an example of how to configure the Motion C5 tablet running the MCA service to use UDSI barcodes:

1. Install the Itermec configuration utility EasySet. EasySet is located in the following directory on the Motion C5 tablet:


2. Install EasySet using default installation parameters

3. Select Scan Engine EV15, check Online setup, click OK.

4. Select Scanner Port to Com 3 and set RTS mode set to disable (default). Click Apply.

5. Select and enable Send to Product

6. You need to physically turn on the bar code scanner. Press the C5s Dashboard button (located on front panel in upper right corner)

7. Select Pen & Tablet

8. Tap on the check box to place a check mark in the Enable Bar Code Scanner, then close window

9. EasySet should now be communicating to the scanner

10. On the EasySet menu, go to the data transmission settings.

11. Select Symbology identifier. Double click on UDSI transmitted (user defined symbology identifier). Double click on data transmission setting to minimize. Go to menu item #5 symbology.

12. For code 128, select code 128, symbology identifier, select UDSI, select code 128, select compose, type in the identifier you want to use for code 128.

13. Close EasySet when your done.

Note: Please refer to the Intermec EasySet user documentation for more details. These steps may vary on different EasySet versions.

There are some MCA configuration file parameters that Intel recommends you make when using USDI barcodes. The MCA Configuration file (IntelHealthCare.cfg) is located in C:Program FilesIntelMCABin directory by default. These changes are recommended for more efficient operation, but they are not required.

The recommended changes to the MCA configu
ration file are listed below:

/Intel/HealthcareSDK/PluginConfig/Barcode/Barcode Device/Scanner/SymbologyIdentifier = 1

/Intel/HealthcareSDK/ToolTray/DefaultHandler/ButtonHandler.dll/BC-IncludeAIMSI = 0

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