Getting Started In Mobile Software Dvelopment

Getting Started In Mobile Software Dvelopment

In order to get started in Mobile Software Development, the first things you will need to do are:

1. Pick a platform/OS you want to start off with one, then progress to others (you do not have to develop for the phone you yourself have, but it may help in the long wrong)

2. Acquire the tools to develop for your chosen platform most tools are free, however, some are not.

3. Read. Read. Read. Read. Mostly the developers guides and the API references for your platform. They will most likely be located around the same place you found your development tools. They are indispensable. Did I mention that you have to read?

4. Do not skip steps you WILL miss something critical.

5. Ask questions. Use support forums and communities extensively.

6. Be prepared for setbacks, frustrations and tedious repetition of routines. Trial and error is the path to success. Do not get discouraged too easily. Take breaks.

7. Be prepared to actually devote some time to this if you want to be serious. It can be a hobbybut it will still require lots of time to perfect your skill set.

8. If you are afraid of hard work, do not attempt to program. There are worlds of difference between a Hello World and the next million dollar maker.

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Yes, Its really true , you should always do adhoc testing and explore the things

I'll be glad to answer any Java related questions. I'm not much one for the C/C++ side of things anymore. Nor, have I ever coded in Objective C so I'm no goof for iOS questions, either. At your service if needed.


Hello southsidesmoka,
Nice points you have described here for the developer to start developing Mobile Apps.Thanks for the motivated post.

Those are good advices. Is should recomend fot the interesting newbies and hobies , should learn C , as an advice , C is basically the elemental lanjuage in everything even mobile.

Thank you for
let me participate

To get started Picking the right OS is the most important thing.More free tools are available in the market as of now for all mobile platforms.Forums helps you lot in getting answers to most of your questions.You come across more hurdles in this mobile software development.I would like to add one more point here the mobile software testing is also very important.You get settled inMobile application
companies likeIphone application
companies,Android application
companies and so on.

where are good tutorials?

Hi There,

Thank you so much for sharing such type of nice information with your post.......................

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Awesome post! Thank you for the post. You made some good points there. This is really innovative and a new idea, I like this concept and the way it is carried out in so light and cool manner.

where are good tutorials?

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