Is the Multicore linux scheduler for ARM

Is the Multicore linux scheduler for ARM

Hi ,

I have been searching for the multicore scheduler support for ARM, in linux kernel.

CONFIG_SCHED_MC, CONFIG_SMP are there for x86..what about ARM ? will the same configs do the job...

please tell me...

thanking you..

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I am not the expert in this area but I would recomend you to check into Meego where it is a Linux OS to support across platforms with multicores.

If you can your findings with Meego, please share yourinput here.



I dint check it ...but i found another link http://

This gives the configration options for all kernel versions across all platforms..

The program of talks and BOFs of the 2010 edition of the Embedded Linux Conference
has been published a few days ago, an opportunity to look at the most
important and interesting conference for embedded Linux developers. For
the record, ELC 2010 will take place from April, 12th to April, 14th in San Francisco, CA, USA, in the same place as the 2009 edition.

It includes :

A talk by Grant Likely about Flattened Device Tree ARM support update,
an effort to convert the ARM architecture to the same organization used
in PowerPC, with a device tree file describing the hardware details
instead of platform_device definitions in plain C. An important change
for anyone doing ARM kernel development.

This could be helpful.

I do not think so .

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