Beginning Mobile Software Development

Beginning Mobile Software Development

Mobile software development is next big thing. More and more applications are moving from desktop to browser, and now to mobile phones.

Last month I was in Mountain View, and my room mate happened to be a Mobile software developer. Almost every Google mobile product you have used has his big contribution. I had very good conversations with him about Mobile software development, opportunities and challenges.

After coming back to India, I started exploring more about mobile software development. Mobile software is no longer about Windows mobile vs. Symbian, now we have many mobile platforms, like iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows Mobile.

Before you begin Mobile software development, your choice of platform is very important. Your future in mobile technologies depends on the future of the mobile platform you choose.

iPhone Vs. Android

iPhone can you give you huge user base, on the other hand Android gives you open source advantage.

iPhone brings with it huge user base, but its sdk is in Objective C. So, you must know or must be willing to learn Objective C. Apple Developer center has lot of resources on iPhone development, I will list them at the end of this post.

If you are good at Java or like Java platform, then Android might interest you. Other advantage with Android is that its open source and obviously Google's support for Android is a big win. There is rich documentation available on Android Google site.

The two platform also differs in the way you can distribute your software. iPhone applications can only be distributed through Apple distribution channel, which can be a limiting factor depending on your application and business needs. On the other hand Android being open source, you are free to release and distribute your Android application just like any other open source application.

Here are the list of resources for iPhone and Android software development.

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Its good to hear that you have begin Mobile Software Development.

I am also working in an Indian Company, CDN Solutions Group which is working from last 5 years on Mobile Application Development on various platforms including iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, J2ME, Windows Mobile, Palm WebOS, Android and also started working on Nokia OVI, some months back.

"mobile application development" as you rightly said is the happening thing at the moment.

The storm has been taken over by two mobile platforms at the moment viz iPhone application development and android application development so if you are planning to get into this then your best bets should be from either of the two. It is our hunch that very soon Android will lead the pack closely followed by iPhone and then Blackberry.

Mobile software development is next big thing. More and more applications are moving from desktop to browser, and now to mobile phones. There are many platforms that support devices by multiple as well as by single manufacturer are Blackberry Mobile Application Development, Windows Mobile Development, iPhone Mobile Application Development, BREW Mobile Application Development, Symbian Mobile Application Development and Android Mobile Application Development.The compact size of mobile phones makes them a very handy and friendly component. Today's mobile application development supports infinite features that allows communication as well as provides enhanced features such as Internet supported with GPRS technology, advanced satellite navigation, live video conferencing, music facilities etc. Other than these, mobile phones let you play games, watch TV, and listen to your choice of music anytime and anywhere. Mobile application development continues to use more technologically favored features that offer endless opportunities and versatile applications for everyone with the hunt to move and grow as the time passes.

Excellant contributions on the subject. I think what we are all trying to say is that Mobile Apps are where the money is. Now, how does one go about it? Pick a programming language and a platform.

My two cents: programming in Java will get you access to more platforms than Objective C, as Apple is really the only commercial company big on the language; whilst Java is ubiquitous on Android OS, BlackBerry OS and other Java ME equipped Smartphones. So, Objective C will get you into Apple's lucrative market - that is all it will get you in. My firm implemtents our mobile apps in Java and have found it much more practical than using any other language for the purpose.

As for platforms, consider what's popular. What do you yourself use? That's where the money is. Android is fighting iOS for the crown while BlackBerry is quietly serving business users as always. One should also consider available tools for development. Are they free or for a fee? How mature are they? I do not know too much about iOS and Objective C because it's a locked market model. I have found great success writing in one language (Java) for Java ME, Android OS and BlackBerry OS phones using either NetBeans or Eclipse - both are free. Each platform needs it's own small amount of adaptor code but your basic app code will remain unchanged. Java truly lets you write once and run anywhere. Again, just my two cents.


I am a beginer in the software development i thik you guys will help me.

As the technology is progressing now everything is moving towards mobile/cell phones and there are many people who using internet via cell phone now a days than desktops and there numbers are going to grow to a great extend in very short period of time and i hope that the people who are engaged or are willing to engaged will have secure future in this field and my best wishes are with them. I am also learning software engineering and looking forward to become a professional software developer.

Mobile application development is the growing business now a days. This is the golden time for the developers to make thair career in the market of mobile apps development. They have lots of oportunities in mobile app development like, iPhone app development, iPad application development, blackberry, android, symbian and windows apps development. As we know iOS and Android are the top most compititors in mobile apps development market, but users of iPhone & iPad are increasing more & more and this is why the demand of iphone or ipad app developers have been increased.

Hi !!!

Nice to hear the mobile technology apps development growing for smart phone . Either apple or android market both are same and tough competitors , there is no doubt in that But, the thing is the way of growth : the android market really an superb improvement in the current situation than the apple because of the openness. So, my point of view the android is easy and have more base than the apple.


It is a realy nice post and i am agree with your ideas....

Android Mobile Application Development

Thank you


I am a beginer in the software development i thik youpeople will help me.
And its very nichpost.

Absolutely agree with you. mobile application development market is growing very much now a days. My company main domain is that only we are getting more inquiries for android development.

keep it up nice point raise by you

Hi Pooja !!!

Thanks for your reply and great stuff about android software development information.

Raja >>>

really mobile software development is big thing. More and more
applications are moving on based mobile application development.

Onething i want to share is that
is wide moobile application.

It's really great and now a days mobile development industry is growing and I really appericate you for joining this industry. I also belong to mobile development copany Socail Jitney.

Great Job! It is a realy nice post and i am agree with your ideas.

Nice Information AboutMobile Software Development. It is helpful inofmration for those who want to know aboutMobile Software Development. I Hope You Will Share More Information in Future.

iPhone App Development |Android Application Development

Yes poojakryptonsoft, you are right.

It's going to be a big thing more and more so as so many users keep buying tablet devices. I think about 90% of the world will end up having them, I think that they will be as popular as cell phones. I personally keep a watach on the market because I'd like to see where they start to use C# and the .NET framework to make apps for Apple devices like the iPad. Mobile App Developer

Quoting poojakryptonsoft

It is a realy nice post and i am agree with your ideas....

Android Mobile Application Development

Thank you



Nice post.......

Mobile Application Development

iPhone Application development

Android Application development

Web Development Company

I am very happy ti hear so many interesting informations . I knew a lot from you . Thank you !

You actually don't have to learn Objective-C to write an iphone app. I use dragonfiresdk to make apps for the iphone in c/c++ on my pc. You might want to check it out it's been a pretty good option if you develop on windows.

Good web site Pooja

Most of these answers are great and very accurate.

I was very pleased to find this site.I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I definitely enjoying every little bit of it and I have you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post.

Mobile application development company is considered to be a highly challenging operation by many organizations, owing to its multiple platforms and contending technologies.

Xicom offers advanced services in the field of mobile application development across various platforms. We are constantly engaged in raising the bar and setting higher standards for mobile applications by using the three key characteristics, i.e. anytime access, personalization and contextual use, offered by mobile platforms. With more than 10 years of quality experience in deploying well aimed solutions to clients from diverse business verticals and our impressive track record of on time delivery of solutions, we can safely assure a high quality mobile apps development suiting your requirements.

Hi all.
im agree, now mobile software is a big thing since there is alot of phone device using mobile OS like android, iphone and windows mobile. many apps today has been developed and will be much many more for tommorow

Mobile Software Developed is the process by which application software is developed for low-power handheld devices, such as personal digital assistants,enterprise digital assistance or mobiles phones.

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