Laptop Intel My Wifi doesn't see my card.

Laptop Intel My Wifi doesn't see my card.

Hello.I have got Acer 6930G with Intel AGN 5100 wifi card.I have already installed your driver for AGN 5100 and software Intel My Wifi.My internet is working very well, but Intel My Wifi doesn't recognize my card, I've got a: "Not found a wireless card supported by Intel" (I have Polish version of this statement so in English version it could be a little different, but from translation that is the same).I really need your software, because my laptop is scanning for changes about wireless connection and this is making a trouble with ping. I've heard that your software can resolve that problem.I hope for fast and fitting answer.If you need some information, please write it, I want to cooperate with you.Desperated,Rafal

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Hi Rafal,

Your first optionis to contact Acer for support on the product. Secondly, you can try to chat with the Intel support agent to see if they can help you any further. Here is the link:


Search Bing or Google for similar problems and answers. Best wishes.


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