Why i cant have new verision of Intel driver?

Why i cant have new verision of Intel driver?

Hi i am not very well with English,so i will be quick...I would like to update my driver to newer one...and when i try to instal your15.17.12.2226 Intel mobile graphic driver for Intel HD graphic( i3 350M) it shows me this messege :
"The driver being installed is not validated for this computer.Please obtain the appropriate driver from computermanufacturer.
Setup will exit."So OK,i had gone to toshiba web page and downloaded NEWEST driver possible,and i mention this:That DRIVER from toshiba is older than15.17.12.2226,it is8.15.10.2086.... :S.....Referent sites:
Intel GraphicToshiba Intel Graphic driverIs there any possible solution for my problem??
Ps. My laptop is Toshiba Satelite C650 PSC14E

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You might want tocheck with the Toshiba product support on this issue.For Intel product support, here is the link: http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm?group=graphics


Dear sir, you must have to check from both intel graphic and toshiba intel graphic driver.they can easily guide you about this problem. thanks

The summary is that I'm having trouble getting rid of the Intel
display driver that prevents Vista SP1 from installing. More details

I have an inexpensive Toshiba notebook, A135-4677, purchased from
Circuit City in August, with Vista Home Premium. MS Update does not
offer me SP1. For a while now, it has been offering me updates for the
Intel video adapter and the Atheros network adapter. I have update set
to advise me rather than update automatically. The display adapter is
v I said OK and the install ended in a blue screen. I
had looked away and never got to read the blue screen before the
system restarted. The system seems to have restarted OK.

I still have warranty. So, I called Toshiba. I was told these adapters
are made special for Toshiba, I already have the latest drivers, and
the ones MS update wants to give me are inappropriate. I wonder if
this could be true. I was also advised that, if I want to get SP1, I
should go for the manual download. I don't know about that either.

Then I went to the Toshiba web site, found that they are serving up an
OLDER version of the driver,, downloaded it and tried the
install. It terminated with the informative message, "an unknown error
has occurred - setup will end." Even though things seem fine, I did a
system restore to be safe.

The question is, now what? I'm thinking I'll attempt the driver
install once again in safe mode, but I don't know whether I want to go
forward or backward. I'll probably call Toshiba once again, but I've
decided to look elsewhere first. Previous calls to them on other
topics haven't been all that productive.

Can anyone who reads this help?

please help me as much possilbe i will be thankfull to them
becoz i called Toshiba but could find still any workable

you should check from both intel graphic

search on google for new intel driver

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