I am new to this

I am new to this

How can I manage my Mobile software development? I am new to this and I don't how.

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you can dowlnoad appup ,it's for mobile developer.

Where do you download appup? What language c#, C++? Is this a visual editor or code only.
Looking for an app that has these attributes with multiple device support.

You can get started in mobile software development with Intel at http://appdeveloper.intel.com. This is the Intel Atom Developer Program website where the AppUp Development site is located. There are resources for everybody from beginners to professionals. You can program in C/C++, C# and Java. AppUp is for Netbooks and Notebooks based on Core 2, Atom and the new Core processors. Best wishes.


You can download online .

other then appup what would you recommend?

also wondering about monitoring programs for mobile development like cpu-z

Quoting Jim Smithother then appup what would you recommend?

Microsoft Visual Studios ( 2005, 2008,etc )have integrated environment for Mobile Software development.

I think you should take help online and their you will get best answer and best process for manage your mobile software development.

You can have look at this pdf file for mobile app development on intel architecture based platformshttp://software.intel.com/sites/billboard/sites/default/files/downloads/The%20development%20of%20mobile%20applications%20BJ12_SFTS005_101_ENGf.pdf

I just ran into this site.I'm new here also, all the people on are very tech savy.

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