Hi, i downloaded the lastest driver for windows xp sp3 (and Windows 7 64 bits on another partition),and in the zip file is one file to upgrade the Bios of the GM965 (x3100).
I try to open the file crl_1668.exe in DOS and Windows, but nothing happen. there is 2 other files called crl_1668.dat and crl_1668.bsf.
Can anyboddy give me a tutorial or software to upgrade the bios of mi intel gm695???.Actual bios is 1566.0Sorry for my bad english

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Normally,the readme file on the download page has the installlation instructions of the package.Click here to see an example. Please also contact support for further information for your product: http://www.intel.com/support/feedback.htm?iid=intelfb+body_techsupport


Thanks, but they tell me that mi Warranty expired.But i will try to install the driver like they said, and not install .exe file.

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