Where is a Moorestown mobile phone?

Where is a Moorestown mobile phone?

Why doesnt someone make a Moorestown phone with a nice 4.3 inch AMOLED display, 1 G of ram and a slimmed down but working Windows 7 installed on a chip or even Windows 98SE would be fine on. That would be a beautiful phone/computer. Wintel based stuff will beat anything on the market today. Get anyone to make it, Samsung, LG, HTC or DELL, who cares just put one together and just see how many phones sell. Does anyone know when or where I can purchase one?

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Intel Moorestown Smartphones at CES - for more info see the link here: http://scoop.intel.com/2010/01/intel-moorestown-smartphones-at-ces.php


Hi Thai

As per article:

"it is running the new Moblin operating system that is sleek, simple and appealing for people like who like to organize contacts, and quickly access my social media and networking sites and applications"

Fair enough, but I'm looking for MS Windows. I want my compiler and ide onboard, not some tweeting app and a calendar.

As for Moblin, well I'm sure it's very nice for a linux operating system. But I'm a MS windows/X86 programmer. I don't need to fool around with linux. If linux was so good, why is 95% of desktop computers running MS Windows? For that matter (and I speak from experience (not good) as I had an AMD processor), why is Intel on the majority of computer systems? Because it's the best. I just got really excited after reading: http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/intel-atom-moorestown-smartphone,262...

The point is simple, turn on the phone and you get a phone dialer, hit a button or onscreen switch button and you have MS Windows. Then really you leave leave the rest up to the legions and legions of Wintel programmers to figure out the rest.

Are there problems, yes, but not that crazy difficult.

1) Lose the excess windows stuff, override the polling structure so that the op sys has better idle.

2) Put together API's for smartphone stuff, telephony, gps, accelerometer etc.

3) Get Microsoft to sign off on it, but frankly I don't see Microsoft complaining about selling software.

4) Putting Windows 7 on a chip, upgrades on internal storage mechanism.

Wintel system commands the desktop, I expect it will do the same with smartphones. I mean, what is a smartphone anyways, but a cellphone with a fully functioning computer in it. All I want is an X86 chip and a Windows operating system in my cellphone. Well, I'd like a nice 4.3 inch display also. and a few other goodies. My inquiry remains the same, should I hold out for a Wintel smart phone(and no I'm not talking about Windows Moblie 7 again, not into tweeting)? Are there plans for Windows7 or WinXP Moorestown phone in the near future or will it be Moblin?

I take it this is answer your own post type of deal. Either that or asking if there will be a real windows 7 on Moorestown smart phone is stupid.

Before I run off to buy an Android/ARM phone I just want to know what extra functionality I get from MeeGo/Moorestown phone that I dont already get from : Apple iPhone ui, Nokias Symbian, Hp WebOs, Blackberry Os6, Samsung Bada, HTC Sense UI, Motorola Droid, MS Window Mobile 7 and Googles Android?

Im sure a MeeGo is going to be nice but whats up with that name? Repeat previous sentence aloud. I suggest a name change.

Im reminded of this story of some guy at Microsoft thought it would be fun to build a crippled social networking phone and call it Kin. Then they did some brainstorming and thought to themselves Hey, lets build two of them. Now Im wondering just how far they will get trying to peddle a Windows Mobile 7 when people figure out its not the real windows 7?

Sorry Im just kind of confused. Intel makes its money selling state of the art microprocessors for Windows/X86 architecture for laptops and desktop machines and now you got a very, very nice ARM killer microprocessor and what... you put Linux on top of it?

Thats just messed up.

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You can search online . I think you can find the answer .

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