PROset/Wireless adhoc nosiy environment

PROset/Wireless adhoc nosiy environment

Intel PROset/Wireless offers three power saving options:
Noisy Environment.
Disabled and Maximum are pretty clear, but what does the Noisy Environment setting actually do? What does the wireless device do differently if configured in this mode?
Is the on-air traffic affected? Does the listen interval change, etc?


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I'm not an expert on the PROSet products but it looks to me like it listens more frequently allowing it to be more effective in a congested invironment but causing it to also consume more power.

I can imagine it working in such a way.
It would be interesting to know the details, like how it affects things like ATIM windows.
Of course, there are many other things it might be doing. Any of those things might have an affect on throughput, responsiveness, interoperability etc.

I wish I had more details for you. Hopefully somebody else who frequents this forum will know.

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