IXA SDK 4.2: simulation error

IXA SDK 4.2: simulation error

I use IXA SDK 4.2 to similate a network project. But as I do simulation, press F12 to run, it said:

ERROR: One or more import-variable(s) in the UOF is uninitialized. Status=0x820e
ERROR: UOF loader could not load file "C:IXA_SDK_4.2srcIXA_SDK_patch_firewallIXA_SDK_patch_firewallIXA_SDK_4.1_patch_firewall_2006-02-18srcapplicationsipv4_firewallethernetingresswbench_projectethernet_ipv4_firewall_ingress.uof" into chip instance "".
ERROR: Start debugging failed. Halting.

Please help me to solve this problem! How to correct it?! What are the import-variables in the UOF?! Why do they need to be initialized?

Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much for all of your concern. I have solved it out. It was caused by a fault in setting simulation option! The import variables are used for initializing the chip on simulation environment.

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