PROSet/Wireless and persistent profiles

PROSet/Wireless and persistent profiles

I recently created a persistent profile using the administrative tools. I have now decided it does not accomplish what I had hoped and I would like to remove it so that it is no longer available and no longer appears in the list of profiles that a user sees. How do I accomplish this?

Environment: Windows XP Pro laptop with a PRO/Wireless 3945ABG and PROSet/Wireless

[I am unable to find anything in the Administrator tools that allows deletion/removal of profiles - only creation or editting. The user level profile manager obviously does not allow this. Sorry if this is duplicate post - I submitted previously but it did not seem post to the forum.]

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I've not run up against this. I'm using v11 of the PROSet software and in this version if I click on a profile there is a button called "Remove" that allows me to take it out. Hopefully somebody who is using v10 can respond.

Thanks for that reply anyway - if no-one suggests a solution I may seek to upgrade to v11. Till then its just an inactive mild annoyance.

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