Mobile Platform SDK setup to use rfid?

Mobile Platform SDK setup to use rfid?


I just downloaded the Intel Mobile Platform SDK and I have a few questions.
I'm currently developing a WM 5.0 PDA application with Visual Studio
2008 and the compact framework. I have a SD Card RFID reader at the PDA
and I'm trying to develop a RFID application.

I'm not quite sure how to setup the MPSDK with Visual Studio to use the
RFID classes. I tried to add the dll references to my project, but I
just get an error message...

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what is the detail information of the error message?

for our Rfid component, we only support Rfid in our binding Class, we did not package the implement code(ProviderClass_Rfid.dll) in our installer because of license issues.

so if you want to use the Rfid Class, you need to write your own rfid provider and then plug it into our framework.

some tips about Rfid development:

1) install the Rfid device SDK or get the hardware spec , we use the Skye Module M1

2) use the SDK or using Windows COM port API to access the device , if you use the Windows COM port API, you need follow the hardware spec.

3) If you are willing to plug your dll into our framework, you can has some benfits such as "multi-language support","support event and threshold" and "server & client arichitecture" .

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