Atom Performance Counters

Atom Performance Counters


I'm a graduate student doing some testing on an Atom board (specifically the D945GCLF & Atom230). I was wondering if there was any documentation about the performance counters present in the Atom and how to read them. It seems to be unsupported by VTune and Oprofile at this point in time.


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Have you tried the software developer's manuals here:

I'd be surprised if it didn't performance counter info. Also, I haven't tried VTune on an Atom-based system. Did you try it? What kinds of problems did you have?


I spoke with someone who works on Atom development on a regular basis and he pointed me here:

The MID tools are free. See:

Once it is installed, you can get the event list by entering the command: sudo sep el

Hope this helps! Thanks,

Thanks, the copy of VTune within that download enabled me to view the performance counters in linux. The windows version simply claimed not to support the current cpu.

I'm glad to hear it worked for you. Good luck on your project.

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