Nerwork Class in Intel SDK

Nerwork Class in Intel SDK

hi fellas,

i was wondering in the network class of can i access the name of the network in which i connnect to? i can get it to log connections and disconnections but i would like the name of the network


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Hi conrad:

I am not sure the following answer is what your need:

1) Use string sKey = Connectivity::GetNetworkAdapterKey(url,...) to get the network card key value

2) Use NetworkAdapterClass->GetInstance(sKey) to get the pNetworkInstance.

3) call pNetworkInstance->Name.GetValue() to get name information

and pNetworkInstance->Description.GetValue() to get more detail information.

If you need more information about the network Key.Name,Descriptons,PnpDeviceId etc ,please refer the Start->Programs->Intel Mobile Platform SDK 1.3->Docs->"Programing Guide" document.

best regards!

Hi Mad, many thanks for getting back to me.

I have tried what you have given me, looked throught the guide you told me to look at

ill tell you want i am looking for, see whenever you connect to a wireless network, you will get a pop up saying "Wireless Network Connected" "Connected to NETWORK NAME OF NETWORK", is there anywey you can get that name from the iMSDK?



Hi conrad:

Does the Protocol802_11Instance::Ssid property work? the property tell the works station which youhave connected.

The Event "Associated" and "Disassociated" can help you to indentify the Access Point changing event.

besides , after you get the Protocol802_11::Bssid property value,you caniterator it in the ScanAP() list , then you can get more information about Associated access point .

thanks MAD

i found the class there, thought it would have been in around the network classes

thanks for your help once again



was trying to acess the SSID, it works from the samples that the iMSDK provide, but i have tried this.

private void Print802_11Info(string sKey)




Protocol802_11Class my802_11Class = new Protocol802_11Class();

Protocol802_11Instance my802_11Instance = (Protocol802_11Instance)my802_11Class.GetInstance(sKey);

textBox1.Text = my802_11Instance.Ssid.GetValue();


catch (Exception ex)


textBox1.Text = ex.ToString();



when i try to call this method but this way


i get this error

Intel.Mobile.Base.IntelMobileException: Error in GetInstance of Class
at Intel.Mobile.Network.Protocol802_11Class.GetInstance(String sKey)
at MoviePlayer.NET.MainForm.Print802_11Info(String sKey)

line 700, which is the line that the instance take the sKey parameter

any help please MAD


Hi conrad:

It seem that the sKey value is not correct, so what is value of the input parameter "string sKey". In MPSDK, the key value is something like "


so my suggestion is that if you have only one wireless adapter , you cancopy the sample code which use Protocol802_11Collectionto iterator the ProtocolInstance.

good luck!

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