How to log WiFi Performance

How to log WiFi Performance

We have branch offices that connect to the internet using DSL withgateway devices that combine modem, firewall, Ethernet and 802.11abg capabilities. There are 3-5 users at a branch with notebook computers. They come-in, turn on their notebooks, login and are automatically connected to the LAN, with one more click they can form a VPN connection to an offsite file server. Presently, there are no complaints about connectivity. However we are planning to add instant messaging and real-time video. I wonder will these new capabilities create connectivity issues?

Our new notebooks will include Intel Core2 Duo processors and Intel 4965ABN wireless adapters. Should I purchasePCI Mini Network Cardswith N capability for our existing notebooks? Should I upgrade the gateways for N protocol?

I would like to log the WiFi performanceof the new notebooks with the existingaccess point. I would like to capture both the amount of data transferred and the elapsed time, and prepare a graph. There are times whenwe do not achieve 54mps, (the maximum DTR with 802.11G). There are times when it would be nice to have greater range, but most of the time a user iswithin 200ft of the access point and we transfer at 54mps.

In our case, similartasks will be performedrepetitively from gatewayto notebook.I would like to know theactual DTR acrossour LAN for these transfers. Can someone help me with this project?


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Here are the answers in your question order:

1. Adding IMor real-time video should not have any impact on connectivity.

2. Your Intel 4965ABN is the network card witha/b/n capability.If you want to use N capaability,yourgateway should be upgrade to support N.

3. I am not sure with this question. Butifour gateway support g,then you can expect the data transfer rate of your gateway is 54 Mbps.


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