Timebase Utility to Capture Multi-Threading & Concurrency in SW Application

Timebase Utility to Capture Multi-Threading & Concurrency in SW Application

Are you threading your code and running your application concurrently? If you are, you might want to check out the new tool just released by Intel. It is the Application Concurrency Audit Tool: CFinder.

Key Features of CFinder

    • Detect the number of processors (physicals, cores and logical)
    • Detect how many threads are running in parallel and their durations
    • Compute the percentage parallelism of an application

Benefits of Using CFinder

    • Do not have to instrument the application
    • Use with the binary file with or without debug symbols enabled
    • CFinder runs in real-time with the application
    • Check to see if an application scales
    • No installation need, small footprint and easy to use

Try it and let us know how useful it is for your Mobile application development.

- Thai Le

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A quote from O'Reilly* Windows DevCenter.comrelating to CFinder utility:

"CFinder is a nice little free tool for quickly analyzing the degree to which a Windows program executes concurrently in a specific run (or set of runs). Its a clear step up from the simple timing of execution instances that I applied for years to test the effect of edits to my multithreaded applications. I think Ill keep it!"

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