unable to retain session of web service when using .net CF application

unable to retain session of web service when using .net CF application


I am using web service and .net CF2.0 for my development. I am using sessions in web service and also soap headers for authenticating the web methods requests. In simple asp.net we can retain sessionof web methods by using cookie conatiner. I hope one can understand if he has worked on sessions in web service or we can have the link to understand this http://support.microsoft.com/kb/816637. Now the problem is that there is no cookie container in .net CF so I looses session in my application. Is there anyone who can help me out? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Amit Verma

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We spoke with our engineering contacts, whoverified that this is an area of mobile developmentwhere we are currently unable to assist.Intel sold its Cellular and Handheld product line to Marvell Technology Groupin 2006.

Our engineers recommended that you contact Microsoft for assistance with Web Services issues involving use of the Microsoft .NET Compact Framework*.

For information aboutthe Intel XScale microarchitecture-based communications and applications processors sold to Marvell, please visit their site.


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