Provider for Digital Camera?

Provider for Digital Camera?

I'm working on software used in manufacturing environments and I wanted to know if you provide hooks to the digital camera on Motion C5 tablets. I'll be using the RFID provider mostly but I'll need a provider for the 2MP camera also. Would this be handled through a TWAIN driver instead?


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I know the Intel Mobile Platform SDK doesn't support the camera onboard the Motion C5 tablet. I'll look around and if I find an answer I'll post it here. In the mean time you may want to contact Motion to see what interface and API is provided to access the camera. See:

The MCA SDK does provide access to the camera. We've created a SDK around it which should allow you to take a picture and access the resulting image in < 20 lines of code.

You can visit the MCA SDK forums here. You can download the SDK through the link off our download page

Excellent, thanks. I had no idea there was a specific SDK for C5's. This will help a ton.

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