Wireless Configuration

Wireless Configuration


I'm building a utility in Visual Studio C# 2005that will allow myusers to send their credentials to active directory to be able to authenticate with my local radious server.

I'm currently using the Intel Proset/Wireless Utility to configure PEAP security on all my users, and created a macro to automate the configuration.

After many weeks of research I finally found this site, and the Mobile SDK, but didn't find any reference to configuring wireless cards!. Is it possible to configure PEAP authentication using the SDK?

If it's not possible what other alternatives do I have?


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Unfortunately the Intel Mobile Platform SDK doesn't provide the ability to configure PEAP settings for the wireless card. It provides information and control at a little higher level.

Thanks for your reply,

Do you have any other suggestions?

I'm not aware of any APIs to configure the PEAP configuration. Lets see if any of the forum users know of any.


I'm basically trying to do what the Intel Proset Utility does. Because my users are not on a domain I'm not able to use the wireless policy, so I have to do this manually using the utility. I have close to 2000 users, and need to come up with a fast reliable solution.

If anyone has an idea please let me know.

Thank you.

You might try dropping the Intel support team an email via this URL. They may be able to give you more specifics:


Did either of you manage to find out how to do wireless configuration from C#?

I am trying to do the same thing and drawing a blank.

- Chris

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