Ultra Mobile PC Evaluator Tool

Ultra Mobile PC Evaluator Tool

We are glad to announce the release of the Ultra Mobile PC Evaluator Tool Version 1.0. This is a free tool specifically designed to help software developers and QA teams determine how portable software applications are to the varied UMPC devices available. Results are obtained by running your application through the tool interface where keyboard and mouse messages sent during runtime are recorded and compared to input capabilities of the UMPC device profiles selected. The user can select from a list of standard profiles, or create a custom profile based on equipment in hand.

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Key Features for the Evaluator tool version 1.0:

  • Select Profiles: The Ultra Mobile PC Evaluator comes with a list of profiles based on available UlMPC devices. These profiles will be loaded upon starting the program. From these, the user selects the profiles which will be tested against the running application.
  • Create Custom Profiles: The user may choose to create a profile which is not included. This may occur when an external input device has become standard equipment, or the user wishes to see how the application works with a particular input device. When creating a profile, the user can choose to modify an existing profile or build one from scratch.
  • Log Results to File: All results obtained during the use of the Ultra Mobile PC Evaluator can be saved to a log file in addition to seeing the results displayed in a window.
  • Results Display: The results display shows one profiles outcome at a time. The PASS/FAIL box to the right of the profile name will let the user know at a glance how the UMPC handled the application.

I tested UMPC Evaluator 1.0 with our software. It has an error "No window with correct thread ID" when start application. My program can be started and worked in a new window. When I click the Stop and evaluate button, the evaluator crashed.

Thank you for your report! We are investigating the issue and will provide an update. Could you provide an email address where we can provide you with an update?


-Thai Le

you can send email to changl@neatware.com

A new version V1.0.1 for the Ultra Mobile PC Evaluator Tool is now live. Please check it out.

- Thai Le

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