Midinux Application Porting

Midinux Application Porting

I'd like to port some Linux apps to the Midinux and would like to support Redflag's OS in conjunction with McCaslin and Menlow.

So I understand that Java3D will be provided in conjunction with OpenGL for the API in MIDinux. But I imagine that we can just create a Linux application to create OpenGL apps for it. All of the apps I want to port are OpenGL or just 2D apps in SDL.

So, ifanyone has the information,what is the software and hardware support for Menlow and McCaslin?And what is the hardware configuration on each chip? I have a GMA950 laptop with a similar CPU I use for testing performance on apps, but I understand that a McCaslin GMA runs at 133 MHz. rather than the laptop clock.

Can I ask what the clock will be used in Menlow? Will it be a GMA 950?

I have been using this site to get my stats on the McCaslin and Menlow to date.


Im a little sceptical about a few figures. But I understand they were slides used by Intel. In that case, can someone confirm that Menlow will confirm 100% to OpenGL 2.0?

Can I just create applications and make them freely available, or do I need Regflag or Intel to sign them?

Thank so much for taking the time to answer my questions.


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The McCaslin platforms use a 945GU chipset, which has GMA 950. The graphic core runs at 133 MHz on the 945GU. OpenGL support is version 1.4.

Can I just create applications and make them freely available, or do I need Regflag or Intel to sign them?"

Intel has no plans to require signing of applications placed on UMPC devices. Red Flag does not currently require applications to be signed but youshould confirm with them.

For un-released product,we do not provide comment.


for current Midinux 2.0 3D support, we have:
clutter-0.3 (gtk+ wrapper for openGL)

the original camera tool is actually written using SDL, and new home screen will be based on openGL.

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