Midinux Development

Midinux Development

Hi, I'm a Win32 Software developer but my interest is in the new MID (Mobile Internet Device) announced at the Bejing IDF. More particularly I'm interested in finding out how to download the aforementioned Red Flag MIDINUX distribution complete with development tools for writing custom applications.


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To address your Midinux question, I've split the original post into two parts.One that stays in the "Introductions" area and one that is separate so that we can discuss Midinux at length.

I went looking and couldn't find a publicly available Midinux SDK. I did however find some developer information you might find intersting.

General software stack: http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS8166710404.html

Redflag's web site for Midinux: http://www.redflag-linux.com/chanpin/midinux/index.htm(Mostly marketing info)

To find out more, I would monitor Redflag's web site (http://www.redflag-linux.com/eindex.html) for any new information. If anyone else has any more info than thisk, feel free to post it.

Hi Lennie,

Redflag and Intel are jointly working to develop Linux OS for MID. Here is contact person at Redflag, Pengcheng Zou: pczou@redflag-linux.com, who can give more detail answer and response to your questions/request for commercial apps development on Midinux.

Please contact with Redflag, and let us know if any further questions regarding MID and UMPC software development.

Thanks. I will contact Redflag for further information.


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