PROSet Wireless No Personal Security Option for Vista

PROSet Wireless No Personal Security Option for Vista

I installed Intel PROSet Wireless Connection on a Acer Aspire 5630 with a 3945ABG wireless adapter running Windows Vista Home Premium. The Inteldriver and software install fine, but when I try to create a profile package for Vista there is not Personal Security option available (This option is Greyed Out). Enterprise Security is the only security option availbe to createa Windows VistaProfile. Theonly WEPoptions available are EAP-SIM and TTLS. I useWEP 64bit.If I select to create an XP/2000 Profile thePersonal Security Option is available andI'm able to createa profilesuccessfully, but I can not applythis profileto Vista. Using the11.1.1.0driver and Windows WirelessmanagementI'm able to connect to my AP, but after rebooting I need to reconnect to the APmanually... evenafter I have set it to connect automatically. Ihave another computer running XP where I used Proset to manage my wireless connection to this AP and it works perfectly. I'mcurrently usingWEP 64bit security in my router. I can not switch to WPAuntil I replacea couple olddevices that do not support it. Any hints? Is this issue fixed or being fix to be released inlater release?


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While this post is off topic I try to point you in the right direction. I say "off topic" because this forum is for mobile software development and not general usability issues with Intel software.

Some OEMs provide some customizations to the Intel PROSet software to ensure the best experience on their platform. I suggest you start by checking with Acer tech support to see if they have any information for running on Windows Vista that can help you. If that doesn't help, consider looking on the Intel support web site ( Also, it looks like the 3945ABG wireless adapter support page is here:

Sorry... but I as I searched high and low in the Intel site this forum came up with hits that were related to issues with Intel's ProSet software.

Thanks for your kind reply, but I had already emailed support and looked under all the support related pages for the 3945ABG in this site. Anyplace elseyou think I should try?

Thanks again...

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