Using the Mobile SDK to control wireless radios?

Using the Mobile SDK to control wireless radios?

We are trying to control the radio on our 3945ABG cards. For example, programatically turn off the radio when a LAN connection is enabled. I've looked at the Mobile SDK. Do I need to install a CLR and have the IntelMobile_Server overhead to accomplish this task?

Since the code is already in the GUI, is there some obscure command switch I could use with the default installation in order to control the radio?


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There isnot a command-line utility supplied with the 3945ABG cards that allows the radio to turned on and off. As you mention, however, the Intel Mobile Platform SDK can be used to do this if you don't mind writing some code. You do have to install the Intel Mobile Platform SDK which includes a runtime service that must bestarted for this to work. You don't, however, have to install the Microsoft .Net CLR if you simply write native C++ code. If using C#, the .Net CLR is required. If using Java, then a supported JVM is required. Also note that at the time of this writing this feature works on Windows XP, but there is a problem on Windows Vista that prevents it from working correctly.

Please learn the details of Intel Mobile Platform SDK v1.1 at, and you can download the evaluation version of software here.

We are going to launch new version - Intel Mobile Platform SDK 1.2 sooner in Q3. We will provide both binary and source code to developers as royalty free.


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