Intel ProSet-Wireless wireless profiles lost after a reboot.

Intel ProSet-Wireless wireless profiles lost after a reboot.

After trying to get help from the reseller support (a famous laptop seller), I think the best way to find help about it is trying there... (the support still is fixing a broken link for update.. and don't seem to know what to do after update did not solve anything).

I'm using the last version of IntelProSet software to manage my wireless connections but for an unknown reason, the software don't keep profile after a windows reboot. I don't know anymore what to try after:
-Reinstalling before and after updating (from version 10.0.... to 10.5. ... and to 11.0.0...)
-Repairing installation many times.
-Trying chip upgrade from dell's site.

And unfortunately, no result are returned from search engines avec troubleshooting databases, so my last hope is there.

Thanks you in advance.

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Hey I am having the same issue with the administrator profile. I would apply the profile and the wireless would connect to the access points without a hitch. Four or five days later a user will call and can't connect to the domain. When I check the profile it is as if it was not applied. If you find out anything please let me know.

Has this issue been resolved yet? I followed a link in one of the replies here only to be told that Intel
wireless products are no longer supported in their online help.

I've just lost all my profiles after a reboot and I'd rather not have to make future unnecessary trips to the university help desk just to get them to type in a password. I mostly suspect the Intel PROSet Wireless program but can't rule out the harddrive starting to fail. Any help would be appreciated!

You should be able to get technical support from the following help site. Is this the one you tried?

For phone support, you can also check here:


Thai Le

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