Using the internal SRAM in PXA270

Using the internal SRAM in PXA270

Hi all,

I'm trying to use the function "xscale_sram_malloc_user" on PXA270 on Linux (patched by intel mainstone, I want to allocate a block from internal SRAM of pxa270, and use in user space. So I am going to use the API "void *xscale_sram_malloc_user(size_t size, u32 virtual_sram_base, u32 pid)" But I cannot know that how can i get virtual_sram_base
"virtual_sram_base - the virtual address of sram_base as assigned by a call to mmap."
WhatI should do?

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Thanks for your inquiry. The PXA270 processor is now owned and supported by Marvell (see: This is a change that took effect in 2006. You might check their web site or support groups for more information.

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