Problem using Intel Bandwidth SDK

Problem using Intel Bandwidth SDK

hi all,

I have download the Iantel evaluation SDK kit and been evaluating it seriously for my project. The Intel Mobile Bandwidth Module application is great, it has the exact feature that I have been trying to come out for what I want.

This is what I try to achieve, I need to limit my pc overall internet connecting bandwidth.The Intel Mobile Bandwidth Module demo applicationshow thatthe SDK canlimit whatever process (within the same pc)its bandwidth.I studied the BandwidthSample.cs, it doesn't tell me howI can do that.

For example, my pc got an application running (can be a IE browser) that is consuming bandwidth, how can my program detects the application and apply the bandwidth restriction on it ?

Can someone please helpme how to do it ?


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Thanks for your interest in the Intel Mobile Platform SDK. In this release of the SDK it only allows processes to apply bandwidth limits to themselves. One process cannot apply a limit to another process. I hope this helps answer your question.

hi Lester,

Thank you for replying this.

I am quite excited when I first come across the Intel Mobile Platform SDK and thought ithas happily solvemy worry. For the past 3 weeks, I have been gathering information on it and come across BITS, LSP. Ireally hope I can avoid having to start one from the ground level if thisSDK can support it and for the licensed price of it, it worth everything.

Is there a possibility that the cross process bandwidth restriction feature beopen upand makeavailable ?


At this point we are considering options for the next release. I don't have any details we can revealat this time but you might check back in a month or two for an update.

Ok,I see. I hope the next release will beavailable soon and if this feature (which is all I want) will be available.

Thankyou very much, Lester.

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