Intel Web 2.0 TDK now available - interesting?

Intel Web 2.0 TDK now available - interesting?

We've release the 0.5 version of the Intel Web 2.0 TDK (available for download at The name is bit a misnomer and reeks of marketing It really targeted at AJAX-based applications.

Basically, the TDK allows programmatic access to various aspects of the computing platform (power, connectivity, storage, etc.) via JavaScript. An AJAX application can use the infomation to modify its behavior, i.e. don't start a large down when this is little power or low bandwidth.Essentially, it's a collection of plug-ins and a JavaScript library. We provide full source andthe TDK has very liberal licensing - you can pretty much do anything with it.

It's not perfect and has a lot of gaps and warts, but we wanted to get it out so that we can get some feedback. There's a pretty good discusion about the TDK on Ajaxian (

Give demo video a look. It demonstrated the basic functionality of the TDK.

In the near future we'll be releasing an update (v0.6) which cleans up a lot of the code and docs. Another, thing we're adding is widgets. These are prepacked gauges (battery, processor utilization, connectivity indicators) that can be embedded in a web page with a single line of code:

PowerIndicatorExample = new powerIndicator( ... );

I'll be posting a video that shows it in action

I'm interested in hearing your suggestions, concerns, and comments. We're very early in the project so this is a good time for input.


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I can't open the demo video, clicked and no content.

could you post the demo directly on the website? so we can play ourselves.


Hi Mike,

Here is the link of CV's video, Please let us know if you still have the problem to access.

Jason has had several interesting discussions around privacy/security with the new Intel Web 2.0 TDK, CV Vick & Clayne Robison, the creators of the TDK are here to answer your questions on that very topic and more!

We encourage you to try out the tool and let us know what you think about it. Do you like the direction we are taking? What would you improve about it? We are interested in knowing how you have applied the TDK! We want to hear from you!

Tidbit of info: The Intel Web 2.0 TDK provides royalty-free Javascript API with its binary and source codes to allow you to create web applications by taking advantage of the mobile features on notebooks and UMPCs. Download and try it out now!

According to the authors, the Intel Web 2.0 TDK has been replaced by the Intel Web APIs:

Lexi S.
Intel Software Network Support

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