LinkQuality function in Protocol802_11

LinkQuality function in Protocol802_11

I downloaded the Mobile SDK v1.1 and try to get LinkQuality function to work but
so far no luck at all. So I am just wondering is LinkQuality function supports in the type Protocol802_11?

I have seen it works in the Intell Proset/Wireless utility but since we use Wireless
Zero Config from Microsoft and this tool does not report Signal Quality at all.

Basicallly I am looking for an API or a way to check the wireless connection signal quality.

Any helps will be appreciated

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You are correct. In the v1.1 release, the LinkQuality property only works on systems with the Intel PROSet technology and drivers. In the upcoming v1.2 release, the feature has been enhanced to also work without the Intel PROSet technology.

Thank you for your reply. Do you know approximately when is the release date for

v1.2? Thanks again.

Let me see if I can find out.

I contacted the program manager for the project and he informed me that their target is to release it in April 2007. This, of course, may vary a little depending on the progress of the project.

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