UMPC software development tools

UMPC software development tools

Hi, I am a developer studying UMPC. I want to start developing software onto UMPC, but I do not have any device yet. could anyone share how to build UMPC apps on PC, and any tools available to test the software?

also what's UMPC in the market good for software development?

ruby chuyn

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The good news is that developing software for UMPC is a lot like developing for desktops, laptops, and tablets. Of course there are some differences but by and large you can use the same tools you use for other platforms. If you are programming for Microsoft Windows you should look into getting a copy of Microsoft Visual Studio and the Windows Platform SDK. If you program for Java, get the Java development tools. If you are programming for Linux, get the GNU development tools for Linux. These are the same tools that run on desktops, laptops and tablets and mentioned above. In fact, many times you can develop your UMPC software on one of these other system and occasionally run it on an UMPC to check that things work as expected. In many cases you can also remote debug the applications between the two systems. You could also install the development tools directly on the UMPC. The only drawback to this is that UMPCs have less memory and hard drive space than the other platforms so the tools run a little slower, but it can be done.

For test software, again, UMPC devices are simply x86 computers which may have a few components missing (i.e. no mouse and no keyboard unless you connect them through a docking station or a USB connection, smaller screen) so you can also use any of your favorite test software such as NUnit, JUnit, CPPUnit and there are many others out there.

Finally, when using the tools mentioned above, you may also use tools provided by Intel to ensure your software runs as efficiently as possible on the UMPC. The Intel compiler generated optimized code for Intel processors. Intel VTune can be used to profile the application and find areas that need to be optimized. The Intel MKL and IPP libraries provide mathematical primitives that runvery efficiently on Intel processors.The Intel threading tools can be used to multithread the application should you decide to do so, however, generally these are more effective on multicore systems.

Hope this helps. Good luck with you UMPC development!


thanks for the recommendation.

I am programming on Window OS, will try the way you suggested.

In terms of UMPC devices in the market, incl Samsung Q1, Asus R2H, Sony, which one do think better for software development?



I'mnot in a good position to recommend any specific model. I suggest that you take a look at each of them and evaluate the pros and cons and your budget for the one that makes most sense for you. I've personally used only the Samsung Q1 and found it suitable for software development but you should ask around and get feedback from others as well.

hi............please let me know full form of UMPC and where this technology used.

sachin kakkar
Dataman Softwares

Hi Sachin,

You can go to find more informations about UMPC, some videos to show the usage of UMPC, and tech documents about Ultra mobile software development at

other UMPC sites:;


So is there a place where one can sign up as a developer for developing applications on UMPC platform ? Are UMPC SDKs available for Linux ? Where from can one get the specifications ?

Intel doesn't have any SDKs for Linux nor a UMPC developer channel at this point. It is something that is being consideredso you might check back in a few months.

Intel recently announced the Ultra Mobile 2007 Platform, whichopens the door for energy efficient, smaller, and truly mobile Ultra Mobile PCs and Mobile Internet Devices.

You can find more technical collaterals and informations at develoepr resources for Ultra Mobile software and product for MIDs & UMPCs, andstart planning and creating your own ultra mobile software applications.

Your feedback will be appreciated



We are trying to play HD/Blu-Rayformat video on the Menlow/Micasso Ultra Mobile Platform with our own customized decoders.

Could you please let us know what's the architectural level difference between these two platforms?

Is that okay to start on Micasso first as its available easily (Samsung Q1)and then port the application back to Menlow or Is it better to wait for Menlow Platformfor next couple of months?


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