optimize for ARM5?

optimize for ARM5?

When porting our app over to PocketPCs, we have the option to use the Intel compiler optimized for ARM5, or one that isn't optimized for ARM5.

Does anybody know what the current market share of ARM5 processors on PDAs is? The optimization makes are 3D viewer run about 20% faster on a PDA, so we'd like to do it, but not if it will not run on the majority of avaialble PDAs.

Erik Kaas

Director, Product Management

NGRAIN Corporation

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For more complete information about compiler optimizations, see our Optimization Notice.

I am glad to hear you get a 20% speed up.This is great! I'm not personally familiar with the compatibility between our ARM5 optimizations and the industry at large. As always, Intel recommends that you test your application on a sample large enough that it is representative of your target customer base. Since this is a compiler question, I suggest you repost it on the Intel compiler forum. You might get more specific feedback there.

Erik, I think you are asking about complier for XScale processor, which was previous Intel product, now became Marvell's Xscale processor. I suggested you to go to visit www.marvell.com to find out more information.


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