P2P Application on Ad hoc network

P2P Application on Ad hoc network

I am a senior CS student. As my senior project I will be implementing a P2P file sharing application with streaming capability which will run over ad hoc networks.
As for the wireless communication, my application will be using Intel 802.11b/g adapter. My question is simple; is there an available API which allows me to use the Intel 802.11b/g adapter?

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Thanks for the posting. Perhaps you could provide some more details about what you hope to accomplish.Most used API for the Intel 802.11b/g adapter is the standard sockets API provided by Windows or most other operating systems you might be running on the system. Were you looking for capabilities not offered by the sockets API?

Lester Memmott

Since my application is going to run over an ad hoc network and the windows sockets API uses TCP/UDP, I am predicting that my application will not be using TCP/UDP because I will be implementing the (routing)network, transport layers of the ad hoc network that my application will be run on. What I want to learn is if there is an API developed by Intel (maybe the Mobility sdk can be used for this purpose?) to allow developers to control their Intel 802.11b/g adapters allowing them to send&receive data packets and maybe even more (such as maintaining routing tables, etc..)?

Thank you.

Thanks for the clarification. I was assuming that you were simply writing an application that runs over an ad hoc network but it sounds like you implementing a management utility. Intel does not have any APIs to do the network routing as you suggest. The Intel Mobile Platform SDK will inform an application when the route table has changed or if an IP address has changed but it doesn't provide the capability to manage these programatically.

Windows on the other hand does have APIs for managing the route table. You might search on http://msdn.microsoft.com for more information.

Well actually the thing is, I am actually writing a p2p application that will basically be running on an ad hoc network :) the reason why I said that I will be dealing with transportation and network layer issues is because I haven't yet figured out how I can implement the application on an ad hoc network. That's why I wanted to ask if Intel has an API which already deals or allows its users to deal with the transportation and network layer issues working with its Intel 802.11b/g adapter(which handles link layer and physical layer issues). I hope I'm able to explain my problem more clearly now.
Thank you.

I'm not an expert on ad hoc networks but in my use of them, a client can be connected to only one ad hoc network at a single time. (I guess if it had more than one radio it could possibly be connected to two or more different ad hoc networks at one time, but I've never tried this.) Further, once a device is connected to an ad hoc network it can send and receive data from any other decide seemlessly as long as it is on the same ad hoc network. Each device has an IP address so data can be sent using the standard sockets API.The application doesn't need to do the routing since the OS and drivers do that for it.

Hope that helps. Best of luck with your project.

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