Mobile SDK for Pocket PC

Mobile SDK for Pocket PC

I've got the v1.1 Mobile SDK for Pocket PC 2003 installed, and I've built the included samples. I upgraded the project to Visual Studio 2005 and it builds and runs just fine, but some of the sub-projects display "No instance" when they run on the Pocket PC emulator. I know that there isn't a physical battery , but isn't there an emulated battery? I also get "No instance" with the processor sample. Surely there's an emulated processor! Any ideas?

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Thanks for your interest in the Intel Mobile Platform SDK. There are potentially two issues you are running up against. The first is that the product has not been validated with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. We expect this to be supported in our next release (i.e. v1.2 in early 2007). In the mean time continue to use the Microsoft eMbedded Visual C++ compiler v4.0. The second is what you have already found. The Pocket PC emulator has limited capabilities. It doesn't have an emulated battery and the emulated processor is quite different thanreal ones so we don't support it. There are enough differences at the hardware level between the emulated environment and a real environment that we have much better success using the real devices when running the Mobile Platform SDK.

I hope this help. Let us know if you have any others question.

Lester Memmott

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