Mobile SDK: Events

Mobile SDK: Events

The more I try to get done, the more frustrated I become! I must be doing something wrong. I'm using the C# version (IntelMobileCLR.dll) in a Windows Forms project (on VMWare Workstation 5.5, Windows Server 2003/SP1). I'm using almost identical code to the DelegateEventSample, yet no event ever fires. I know that the underlying mechanism works since the C# Information Viewer (SDK tool) and the sample C# project (DelegateEventSample) both respond to events properly. My code is as follows:

class MainForm : Form


CapabilityClass myCapabilities = new CapabilityClass();

ConnectivityInstance myConnectivity;

public MainForm()


myConnectivity = (ConnectivityInstance)


DelegateObserver.ObserverNotifyDelegate del = new



Observer connectedChangeObsvr = new DelegateObserver(del);





private void ConnectedEventHandler(Event e)





Is there any limitation from Windows Forms? To test it, I enable and disable the adapter from VMWare. As I mentioned, it fires the event in the sample and the included SDK tool -- just not in my code.

Your help is *very* much appreciated!!

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Are you using STA in the Windows Forms? If so switching to MTA should be ok.

[STAThread] [MTAThread]

static voidMain()


Application.Run(new Form1());


Currently, IMPSDK is only supporting Multi-Thread apartment model to receive event notification

Hooray! Another one to clear as fixed! My mistake. This was in the SDK documentation, I just missed it, being focused on the actual objects, methods, and properties. Thanks for responding!

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