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hallo,i need to get my google side-bar on my desktop

I am a ner user, please advise me to use your program.

Click on the link in the first message, download it and follow the instructions.

Tried to download today got "Node not found"

Any idea where it got moved to ?

Links are updated above.


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Had to go the way of vcredist_x86.exe then setup but nothing came up after install??? strange

you may try this URL to install this google desktop gadget

Intel Power Performance Manager for Google Desktop

I downloaded the file at the link and followed the instructions. I was troubled by getting at least two warnings that the Publisher was Unknown. If I hadn't downloaded directly from an Intel or other trusted site, I probably wouldn't have installed the item. It wasn't listed as having been certified with Google either. It doesn't seem to have caused any problems on my system and it's running fine so far. In the current environment of Malware prevalence I think these are matters than Intel should take seriously with their position as one of the market leaders in several arenas. I realize that you get far more messages than you can respond to and I don't expect you to respond to mine either but would be delighted if you did. I have another issue with some aspects of your web site but I will address them in a more appropriate forum than this. Thank you for your attention and any response or enlightenment would be welcomed.

The GDS Perf meter would be of much greater value if it could display the info needed for proper battery recalibration! Perhaps these could be "mouseover" values shown on the graph?

1) On the bottom "percent" graph, tell me the current, full charge and design capacity in mWh. That way I know if recalibration has accomplished anything, and if I have truly taken the battery to complete charge (ready for recal)

2) On the charge rate, mouseover could show fractional (not just truncated integer) watts of charge/discharge

3) in the log file, it would be great to have the current voltage as well.

ALSO... just for clarity...

a) The "maximum samples" ought to mention that's the max # displayed. At first I thought it would terminate after that many samples :)

b) Does this work with more than one battery?

Here's a tidbit about the gadget from a customer report we received and a conversation with Rich: If no Timevalue is showing upin the gadget for your battery, thenif your laptop is plugged in, unplug it and check again. Some batteries dont provide the information needed for time when the battery is plugged in.


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Dear all,

We just release v1.1 of Intel Power Performance Monitor Gadget for Google Desktop. Please go to get the new Gadget software at ISN download site.

the latest Intel Power Performance Gadget information and download link.

Times and technologies have changed in the last few years since Google discontinued their Desktop Search Product.  Although the technology and products have changed the need for writing power efficient software has not.  In fact with everything more mobile than ever paying attention to CPU power and frequency information is even more important.  The Google Desktop Power Gadget is discontinued but I would highly recommend looking into the Intel Power Gadget located at  As always Intel is more than happy to help provide developers tools and suggestions on making the best software possible.

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