Which Language is Preferred for Mobile Software Development ?

Which Language is Preferred for Mobile Software Development ?

I would like to know which is the most popular language for writing Mobile Software Applications ?

I want to create app for users.

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C++ c C# php, HTML 5 etc

What about the Java?


The Cross-Platform is, also, a good way: you develop your application using the Javascript language and deploy it on the other different platforms (Android, BlackBerry, etc...), there are many frameworks to do it (Titanium, PhoneGab.....) !

Android is the world's most popular mobile platform until now :)

Android phones are the most popular, so u need Java Language but if u are an HTML 5 developper you can deploy and publish you work on different platforms like blackberry, windows phone,ios...

You can learn C/C++ Programming languages, so your logic is clear. Then after that you can read Java Programming language. There are lots of android application development using Java code.

As a mobile application developer, you need to think about all mobile application languages, so you can easily create any apps. Androids need Java language, iPhone need C/C++ language concepts.

Most popular programming languages of 2014:



I personally prefer C# for ease of use, documentation and developer community.  For cross platform C# take a look at Xamarin: http://xamarin.com/

Which Language is most suitable to create Windows Phone Applications


Vihanga Ashinsana wrote:

Which Language is most suitable to create Windows Phone Applications

You can use HTML5 or C# for Windows Phone apps. And if you're targeting Windows Phone 8 you can go native and write in c++



So pick the one you're most comfortable with, and/or the language that will give you the best chance of re-using code.

I personally prefer C# but that's been my focus for the past 5 years ;)

I think the C/C++ is the most powerful programming language ,but, it’s depends on what you are going to work on, and the time required to accomplish the mission?

If you are doing android you can use Java or C++, if you are on iOS you can use objective C. And if you are on windows you can use C++/C#. And if you want to develop for all the platforms at once, HTML5 is the way to go

Most powerful c++


Vidura_Dhananjaya wrote:

Most powerful c++

Yes and definitely not the easiest one to learn and master.

if you are going to build a mobile app, and make a living, you should learn object- c and create iOS app.


Language is platform specific and also it depends on your current technical expertise.

Native Languages

  • Windows Phone - C#/XAML or C++/XAML or HTML5/Javascript
  • IOS - Objective-C or Swift 
  • Android - Java (Android specific)

There are cross platform flavors also which are also language specific

  • C# - Xamarin with Portable Class Library (PCL)
  • HTML5- Intel XDK 
  • Javascript/HTML - PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)

There are many other tools


Java is the best but I heard that Mozilla is developing a new cross platform developer which seems good.

Sorry, I can't help you out. But I have a similar query to ask. Myself Sylvie Skew, presently a homemaker. I am planning to again start my career after a long time.I have experience in application development, but now I want to start with website development and designing. I already have knowledge of HTML, Oracle, MySql. But for Frontend coding which S/W should I learn? So many are available in market today.

I would suggest HTML5 with Javascript as the start with less effort, except if you have a large team. Once the app is growing, you can optimise it using the platforms native language (Java for Android or Objective C/Swift for iOS or C# for Windows Phone). But it depends on what platform you are targeting.

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