how to recover deleted text messages from android?

how to recover deleted text messages from android?

There are many android phone users, and losing important phone numbers or text messages from it happens unexpectedly. But if you need to recover them, you can use an android recovery app to help.

Just google it, you’ll find many answers, try Coolmuster Android SMS Recovery.
And you need to root your android phone at first, or the app can’t detect your phone successfully. And stop saving new data to your phone, or the deleted data will be covered.

Step1: Connect android phone to pc and start the problem
At first, connect your phone to computer via USB cable, then start the app on your computer. Make sure your phone has been linked to computer correctly, or this data recovery problem couldn’t detect it successfully.

Step2: Enable USB Debugging
You need to enable USB debugging on your device, then the data on your android phone will be synced to computer. And the problem will scan your device directly.And you just need to enable USB debugging for once.

Step3: Preview and Recover Messages

That’s all!

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If you did backup text messages to Google account.You can sign into your Google Account and check whether or not your messages still exist there. If not ,the best method to recover android phone messages use one app .

How to recover deleted text messages

Android messages recovery


Yes, an android data recovery app could recover your lost android phone text messages easily, more:

how to retrieve deleted text messages on android

Thanks for sharing, yes, we can still recover lost mobile phone text messages with some data recovery app, and most of them are very easy to use. Try iPubsoft Android SMS Recovery, more: how to retrieve lost android phone text messages

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an easy method is to download es file explorer and then search for .del and .nomedia extensions and files there you will find the your information



And yes there are many other methods which can be found at

Thanks for sharing the info.

To get deleted text messages from android, this android recovery app may be helpful. Good luck. 

When you lost data from your android phone,
the first thing, check out the backup, whether you have synced the data to Gmail account, or saved on your pc.
Then, you should never add more data to your phone after data loss, cuz they can take up more space, the lost data will be overwritten.
Last thing, you can try android recovery methods, Recuva, you can also try professional data recovery programs.

oh thank u very much this was very help full

n also we are trying to make an app witch can this perfome be done by phone too


If you want to recover deleted text messages on Android phone, you need to find and run Android data recovery to scan your phone and SD card. It can find the deleted messages for you and you can preview them. Then you can recover deleted text messages from Android phone easily. Learn more about how to retrieve deleted text messages on Android phone. 

Besides messages, you can also recover deleted photos, videos, call logs, contacts, Whatsapp messages, music, books and other document files from Android phone easily.

If you've accidentally deleted all your text messages – or even just a single, important message – you need to act fast. Lost messages are recoverable, but only until the portion of memory on which they were saved is over-written by an app update, file download or similar. So grab your phone and computer and learn how to recover deleted text messages on Android.

TunesBro DiskLab for Android is a top-notch system that quickly and effectively recovers all of your text messages.  You can use the program without rooting your phone, though TunesBro guarantees you'll be able to retrieve the full extent of your content if you do. 


Hello, if you want to retrieve your text messages from your Android phone, you can use Android SMS recovery program to do.

Here are some ways for you to recover all your lost text messages from Android phone.

After installing the program successfully, you need to connect your phone to PC, then mark the deleted messages to recover.


data recovery, data transfer, back up


It is possible to retrieve the lost data from Android phone, if you learn this way, you can get back the lost text messages on your phone.

In this way, you don't need to worry about so much time on doing thing, and the process is safe enough.

Therefore, you can get the direct guides here: recover deleted text messages on Android.



In this situation, you need to choose some recovery software to help you, it is effective.


In order to recover deleted text messages, you first need to stop adding new data to avoide overwritten the deleted SMS, then you should find a Android recovery tool on Google, some of them works for rooted Android only, others can directlly root your device to access the phone memory and then scan for  the deleted data, click recover to save them back on your PC. You can have a try for MobiKin Doctor for Android


Generally speaking, it is impossible to recover lost text without backup, if they are important and worth for the money, you can ask third party recovery tools for help, and do note that, root process is needed before recovering. Here is a useful guide:

Recovering deleted text messages from Android is quite easy.

Here is a step by step guide for Android SMS Recovery. 

When you delete or remove text messages on Android phone, they would be first moved to the trash bin and the device will mark these files as inactive. That is to say, they still exist on your phone but are invisible and replaceable. And the system would not really erase them until you add some new files to cover them. Thus, you should stop using your phone if you wish to get back the deleted SMS or you will permanently lose them.

Restoring your lost Android messages to computer would be a safer way since you can backup them to PC at the same time. But to achieve this goal, you need to find a professional yet reliable Android SMS Recovery software as your assistant - MobiKin Doctor for Android.It could recover deleted Android files like text messages with several simple steps.

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In fact, it is pretty easy to restore lost SMS from Android device as long as you have worked an effective recovery tool. As you know, you can find over hundreds of recovery programs online which have claimed that they can help retrieve lost Android messages. However, most of them are not as effective as they should be. So in order to successfully recover deleted text messages from Android mobile phone, you can't miss this Coolmuster Android Messages Recovery software.

By running this Android Messages Recovery, you are able to preview all deleted SMS messages before restoring. Thus you can selectively mark your deleted messages to recover, as this software can display the whole messages on your Android phone, those existing ones are no exception. In addition, no matter how many messages you have lost and ready to restore, this software allows you to retrieve them in a batch.

Dr Fone is very simple bu effective tool if you want to recover deleted contacts. Read this turtorial if you lost your data on mobile -

Actually, losing or deleting a message from your Android phone doesn't mean you have lost them forever. In some special situation, you still can get access & view these Android messages as you like. Below are the pre-conditions if you wish to view Android text messages after losing them:

1. Be sure the lost text messages will never be overwritten by new data. Generally speaking, when a message is deleted from your Android phone, that only means the space that used to store these messages are available again. So if no more data be saved here, you still have a big chance to get them back. So try and use your phone as little as possible or stop using it from now on.
2. Obviously, you can't get access and view lost Android text messages without any help. So search on the Internet and find a safe yet reliable 3rd-party program like MobiKin Doctor for Android (Windows/Mac) as your personal assistant.
3. Prepare a workable desktop or laptop PC, and USB cable.

Accidentally deleting or losing important files from your Android mobile phone can easily happen to any of us. If you want to recover deleted text messages from Android with a computer, Android Data Recovery is highly recommend to you. It supports you recover all file types: Messages, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Notes And Much More.

Thanks for sharing really informative data. keep posting

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This is very interesting post.You need to enable USB debugging on your device, then the data on your android phone will be synced to computer. So thanks for sharing this information.

An excellent program is required for the task - MobiKin Doctor for Android . This tool is easy to manage as you can recover lost or deleted contacts on Android phones through only several clicks. Furthermore, before you make the recovery, the program allows you to preview all the messages information, including name, phone number, email address, company address and so on. Hence, you can choose what you want and restore them selectively.

Data backup and recovery is supported on every Android phone, go to Settings > Backup and Reset and check the last backup. If a backup is available, you can restore the backup and recover deleted text messages from android.

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@eve e. 
Is this method still work in 2019? 

Updates: This method is still working. I found the same method on some other websites

Thus, the solution to your problem is right here:-

1) With the help of your Android backup app, you can easily recover your data loss from your Android phone with the restore option. 

2) Either, you can recover your deleted messages with the help of cloud storage option.

3) Else, another step is the most common and very useful method is Google Drive.

4) When all the above methods fails to get back your lost messages from Android phone then you can use a professional recovery tool like Android Data Recovery.

In future, if you come across any kind of data loss situation on your Android phone then using this software will help you to recover lost text messages and other data as well with ease.

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