How to transfer messages from Android to iPhone ?

How to transfer messages from Android to iPhone ?

Hello, I just got a new iPhone 6 plus, there are nearly 400+ messages, contacts and other data stored on my old Android phone, Samsung S5, I need to move these data from Android to my new iPhone, how? 

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Move to iOS is the official data transfer app released by Apple. You can install this app on your phones and use it to transfer data.


sprince d. 写道:

Move to iOS is the official data transfer app released by Apple. You can install this app on your phones and use it to transfer messages from Android to iPhone.

I tried it, but I found it works so slowly, there are many data need to be moved to my new iPhone, maybe I need a desktop software. thanks!

Try wondershare mobile go app.


Sarah H. wrote:


sprince d. wrote:


Move to iOS is the official data transfer app released by Apple. You can install this app on your phones and use it to transfer data.



I tried it, but I found it works so slowly, there are many data need to be moved to my new iPhone, maybe I need a desktop software. thanks!

The app seems not working well on lower version Android device as you can see from the reviews. Then I suggest PhoneTransfer, which is a nice program to transfer data between different mobile devices. Step by step guide: how to move sms from android to iphone


To transfer from android to iPhone, you can use a mobile phone transfer to help, it could transfer text messages,contacts, photos, etc. between mobile phone.

“I am thinking of purchasing a new iPhone 6 and giving away my Samsung Galaxy S4, but I am afraid that my Android data like text messages can’t be extracted from Android to iPhone because of the different operating system. What can I do? ” This is a frequently asked question among Android phone users as well as iPhone users. Actually, there is an awesome transferring tool for you to transfer messages from Android to iPhone

Phone Transfer is a useful transferring tool no matter you want to transfer data between what devices, such as iPhone 6s/ 6s Plus/ 6/ 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge/S6, HTC One M9/M8, LG G4/G3, Sony Xperia Z3, Motorola X, and so on. You can copy your precious data, text messages, for example without doubt. You are allowed to move these SMS and MMS as long as you listen to the tutorial. 

More to see:

How to copy contacts from Android to iPhone 6s plus

Phone Transfer, which is design for users to transfer data between smartphones freely,as well as transfer data from Android to computer completely. It is powerful and supports Android, iOS, Nokia and Blackberry. Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone

In fact, Samsung Transfer is a wonderful phone transfer tool,  which can give you a hand in switching contacts ,sms,photos ,videos ,music between android and iphone. And if you want to transfer data between two android phone.You can also use it !

How to transfer contacts from android to iphone

 I 'd like to suggest you a tool, which supports data transfer between ios devices and  android phones on pc or Mac computer, you can select the data you need, and view them on pc clearly, phone transfer,

have a look at this,

transfer sms from android to iphone.

you can also transfer other data such like contacts, photos with it.


thank you i was looking this for a solution

and is there any way of transferring files from android to i phone or backward

You probably have to download professional Phone to Phone Transfer tools to  move messages to your new iphone. When you run it, connect both Android and iPhone to computer, select android to iphone mode, then you can choose the needed messages and transfer them to iPhone part.How to Transfer SMS from Android to iPhone

If  you want to transfer messages across different mobile operation system, you need to use Phone Transfer software. It can transfer files from iPhone to Android phone without limitation. You can connect your iPhone and Android phone at the same time and select files to transfer between them. You can transfer messages, contacts, photos, videos, music, calendars, app and app data from iPhone to Android phone and vice versa. You can learn more about how to transfer messages from iPhone to Android phone here. 

Apple's Move to iOS app in the Google Play Store makes the process quick and easy. While it can't transfer your apps.contacts,messages, music or passwords, it can be used to transfer your photos, calendar,  photos and videos.

For messages transfer, here I personally suggest you try Tunesbro to transfer messages from android to iPhone.






Hello, if you want to transfer a lot messages from your Android phone to

iPhone, you can not do it one by one, that's so trouble. Here a easy way

for you to do, so you can back up your messages in a quick time. 

Only in this way, you don't need to spend much time to do this thing.

Phone to Phone Transfer can help you transfer your messages from Samsung S5 to iPhone 6 easily.

data recovery, data transfer, back up

Phone Transfer is the all-in-one yet easy-to-use data transfer tool that can directly Transfer Music, Contacts, Photos, Videos, Messages, Calendars, Apps and other files from one mobile phone to another.


You can move your 400 messages and contacts from Samsung S5 to your new iPhones 6 plus. You can use Move to iOS apps to transfer other data, but it so far does not support SMS. You can transfer messages from Android to iPhone with data transfer tool like FoneCope Mobile Transfer.

You could copy SMS from Android to iPhone with move to iOS.

Step 1. Download and install the software on the Android phone after you make sure the Android and iPhone be connected to the stable Wi-Fi and be plugged to the power. Then just start it.

Step 2. Run the app and when you choose to transfer the messages, the iPhone will create a private Wi-Fi network. Then iPhone will find the Android device running the Move to iOS and when you enter the security code, the files will be exported to the iPhone.

Step 3. Find the SMS you just transferred on the iPhone.

This is the whole process.


Since the format between the iPhone message and Android is different, you can not simply back up your iPhone messages and transfer those to the Android Device. You need a mobile transfer and decode the file between iOS and Android.  iPhone transfer will be a be a good choice.

All you need to is to use iPhone transfer to transfer those Android messages to your iPhone. 

iPhone Transfer can help you transfer messages and other files between different device. Regardless of the destinations and sources, you can Transfer Data freely with this free tool.

Actually, you can't simply drag the files from your Android to the iPhone directly, even you can view it on the computer. The iPhone just can't decode the Android file. So you need an iPhone transfer to help you transfer messages, contacts, music, and photos on your iOS devices.

Some may try to backup Android to PC first, then, drag the file to the iPhone directly. But it is wrong. Since the format between the iOS and Android is different. We need a third party tool to accomplish this task. iPhone Transfer is a good choice, it can help you Transfer messages, contact, music, and other data easily, regardless of the destinations and sources

For messages transfer from Android to iPhone / iPhone to Android, here I personally recommend you try iPhone Transfer to transfer messages from android to iPhone. 

Learn more here:

Then, how to reach the goal? As it is known to all that iOS and Android are two different platforms, so many users think that it is impossible to transfer data between Android and iPhone in the daily life.

If you have a tool like Mobile Phone Data Transfer, then all your problem will be solved at ease.This tool is specially designed for smart phone users to transfer text messages or conversation between different platform, including Android Phone and iPhone. In addition to SMS, other data like contacts, Apps, call history, music, photos, movies, etc. from iPhone to Android as you like.

Finally get the long desired iPhone to replace your old Android phone? Then you possibly need to transfer files from Android phone to your new device such as those precious messages recording the sweet moments with your boyfriend of girlfriend. So how do you messages from Android to iPhone? Well, just sync the messages from Android phone to the computer and then from the computer to iPhone? That's too troublesome!

That is, by means of this Phone Transfer software, which allows you to freely transfer SMS messages from Android to iPhone . With this software, you can directly transfer Android SMS messages to iPhone without any difficulty. Also, this software can not only support SMS messages, but also suit other files like contacts, photos, videos, apps, and many more. 

Ive used Phone Transfer App recently and it works great.

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